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Salsa Night in Cheekwood Gardens with the Music City Latin Orchestra

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As part of Cheekwood’s Winter Concert Series, on Saturday, February 24th at 7:00 pm, the authentic flavors of salsa will be savored in the Massey Auditorium. The Music City Latin Orchestra, under the direction of Giovanni Rodríguez, compiles, in their repertoire, the acclaimed hits of artists such as Benny Moré and the legendary Buena Vista Social Club orchestra. Just as 1930s New York began to exude tropical aromas amid its jazz and blues offerings, Latin rhythms found their way into Nashville’s bars in the late 2010s. In this favorable scenario, the Music City Latin Orchestra consolidates itself as one of the most representative ensembles of salsa in the city. Its characteristic name was not chosen in vain; this orchestra is made up of Latin American artists residing in the metropolitan area, acting as ambassadors of Caribbean music.

The Music City Latin Orchestra

The Music City Latin Orchestra represents the iconic salsa orchestras that emerged during the first half of the 20th century. Before the Revolution, Cuba permeated the United States music scene with its elaborate salsa instrumentation that resembled those of the Big Bands. Latin percussion, syncopated melodies, and energizing improvisations progressively gained followers in the North American country; jazz artists were attracted to incorporating these sounds into their compositions, giving rise to genres such as Latin Jazz.

Afro-Cuban rhythms like son, mambo, guaracha, rumba, and guaguancó were the foundation of what is now known as salsa. However, due to its success throughout the continent, it has adapted and merged with other genres and styles. The Music City Latin Orchestra aims to preserve the genuineness of pre-revolutionary salsa, even organizing concerts that pay tribute to the most representative artists of that era. This is undoubtedly one of the main attractions of their musical proposal; in their performances, the audience is exposed to the colorful harmonic weave of the winds and the unmistakable beat of the timbales.

Anyone who has listened to salsa has inevitably succumbed to the hints to follow the rhythm with their body. The insistent call of the clave makes even the shyest stand up. And although the combination of steps is not simple, salsa adjusts to the joy of each of its listeners. In this rhythm, solos find dance partners, and couples alternate to add variety to their improvised choreographies. Regardless of the venue, the Music City Latin Orchestra offers a celebration experience. So, put on your most comfortable shoes and get ready for an unforgettable evening full of Latin flavored sounds. To purchase tickets and get more information, you can visit the following link: Cheekwood Winter Concert Series.

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