MCR Style Sheet

Music City Review Style Sheet

  1. Submit article to [email protected]
  2. Submit the article in MS Word (for PCs) or RTF (for Macs)
  3. Include a title
  4. Generally, around 1000 words but can be shorter or longer depending on your subject
  5. Use single line spacing, times new roman, 12-point font
  6. Do not indent paragraphs
  7. Include references at the bottom of the page if citing other sources
  8. If you have an idea for a picture to go into your article, include the link in brackets where you think it should be inserted
  9. The review should include a concise summary of the content and a critical assessment of that content. As you are writing consider: what makes this production special or different? What did you enjoy about it? What could have been better? What did the audience respond to the most? How did differenct factors of the production (lighting, sound, stage decorations) affect the final product?
  10. We are known for in-depth coverage, so you are encouraged to delve into the history and background of the production you are covering.
  11. Any questions, email [email protected]