OZ Arts Presents

Mazelfreten’s Rave Lucid

Ten years after its founding by Cano Ozgener, the 2023-2024 artistic season of OZ Arts welcomes a new era of Brave New Art to Nashville, paying homage to those “artists, heroes, and stories that embody courage in the face of adversity and a rapidly changing world.” An upcoming production of Mazelfreten’s Rave Lucid will attempt to do just that February 29 – March 2.

Mazelfreten, a collaboration between dancers-choreographers Laura Defretin and Brandon Masele, bring together the talents of ten performers to depict 2000s Parisian rave culture. Sharply synchronized movements combined with opportunities for individual expression are all underscored with a soundtrack of electro dance music. The production lasts about fifty minutes.

Laura Defretin, also known as Laura Nala, was born in Paris, France in 1994 and has studied various styles of dance – modern, salsa, waacking, house, and hip hop. Defretin is a two-time France Champion, in addition to placing on a world stage in both 2008 and 2009 for dance. Brandon Masele, also known as Miel, was born in Le Mans, France in 1994, becoming a France Champion for dance in 2011 and crowned a World Champion in 2012. The pair’s first collaboration, UNTITLED, was a 2016 creation that mixed styles of hip hop and electro dance cultures, representing each creative personality.

Another important pairing is that of the Ozgener family and OZ Arts. The Ozgener family established OZ Arts Nashville in 2013 as a gift back to the city and country that they have thought to be so hospitable to them as first-generation, Turkish-Armenian immigrants. Selling their artisan cigar company, CAO Cigars, and converting the former headquarters into a nonprofit cultural center for contemporary art, performances, and events, OZ Arts enriches the arts community by working to continually realize its mission:

OZ Arts supports the creation, development and presentation of significant performing and visual art works by leading artists whose contribution influences the advancement of their field. Through performances, exhibitions, and community events, OZ Arts focuses on producing and presenting the work of local and visiting artists who reflect our diverse society, utilize new artistic forms and technology in creative ways, and provide opportunities for meaningful engagement with audiences, students, and cultural and civic leaders.

For tickets to Mazelfreten’s Rave Lucid and more information about an evening pulsating at 120 bpm, visit the OZ Arts website: https://www.ozartsnashville.org/mazelfreten-rave-lucid/.


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