We’re Live….. Again!


Oz Arts of Nashville is back to live performances! Starting March 12th, Oz Arts will be performing PRISM to a live, socially distanced audience. PRISM was conceived and choreographed by David Flores. This live performance scored with music by

George Miller, also directed by George, features the following people: Lenin Fernandez, David Flores, Becca Hoback, Emma Morrison, Beccah Peshlakai, Sarah Salim, and Joi Ware.

According to their website, PRISM is, “A series of provocative movement episodes unfolds in

30-minute cycles featuring different combinations of dancers chosen at random. With choreography by Nashville-based artist David Flores and an original score by George Miller, PRISM invites audiences to examine personally held societal expectations and the ways we interact with one another at a time when relationships both private and public have been redefined.”

The audience is consistently standing and moving during this presentation however, you are able to acquire seating via request. The Oz Arts organization ensures the safety in this live performance by allowing small groups of audience members at a time. They traverse this wide, open area while seeing different interpretations of interactions that are heightened by, “ rich lighting and sound design to

explore aspects of voyeurism, our changing relationship to physical intimacy, and the role of chance in determining ultimate outcomes.”

Tickets for this live performance are $15. For more information about this performance, along with where to buy tickets visit their website here: https://www.ozartsnashville.org/prism/.

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