From the Pedestrian Bridge:

Chatterbird Performs Honstein

Down Baby Down by New York composer Robert Honstein (b. 1980) is a piece for percussion quartet in six movements. One imagines that the composition process started with the composer making a comprehensive list of noises that can be produced with a cello before unceremoniously crossing off “use a bow”. The piece, which runs just over 20 minutes, features cello, desk bells, woodblocks, and (what appears to be) 18 gallon storage bins with kick pedals attached. Taps, knocks, dings, booms, slaps, plucks, and hums are used intermittently as the performers mirror each other’s movements across a table adorned with a myriad of small percussion toys.

The piece develops slowly, but attention and interest is earned through an ever changing landscape of sounds and textures. The video, featuring Chatterbox’s Jesse Strauss, Maya Stone, Celine Thackston, and Aaron Walters is well performed, well shot, and well produced. Downtown Nashville and Cumberland Park serves as a background for the recording. An extra layer of interest is added by imagining the curious looks the quartet undoubtedly received from bachelorette parties finding their way to Broadway over the walking bridge in the video’s background. It’s a fun time! Check it out here: or on the homepage of their website:  or just click below!

Down Down Baby, by Robert Honstein from chatterbird on Vimeo.

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