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Lake Street Dive

Lake Street Dive is the new age brainchild of some New England Conservatory students. Founded in 2004 they provide a melting pot of soul, pop, funk, jazz and folk music. Though originally they were founded as a “free country band” with the intention of playing country music with a similar avant-garde feel found in their current music. They’ve covered a whole range of music including covers of popular pop and rock songs in their “Fun Machine” EP and to their new album full of jazz-pop fun.

Lead singer Rachael Price’s powerful vocals lead this band in their new style direction allowing for the rest of the band to sit behind the vocals and add their own influences discreetly. Drummer Mike Calabreese adds a bunch of metric modulation techniques to add to the groups jazzier style. It feels like at any given moment he could take the song in a completely different direction, often adding beats or changing tempos suddenly for short periods in songs as found in their hit song “Better Than”. Bridget Kearney brings a unique sound to most modern music adding in the upright acoustic bass instead of the more popular electric bass. This choice furthers the bands reach into a jazz influenced style while also complementing hollow textures the instrumentalists often favor. Though I would not say every song has hollow textures, specifically off their Newest album “Good Together” the song “Set Sail” is a great example of this with all members singing together creating a strong powerful sound.

Not only do they draw from jazz but they combine the soul and funk of the Motown era into a lot of their music. They even included a cover of the Motown classic “I Want You Back” by the Jackson 5 on their “Fun Machine” EP. The influence of Motown is seen in almost all of their music not just their covers. Their musical mix doesn’t end there, on their newest album several songs such as “Get Around” and “Party On The Roof” have more of a modern rock influence that differs from some of their past music. Despite this switch, Price’s vocals are empowering as ever.

The influence of all the band members is ever present in the unique writing of their new music. Akie Bermiss said that the song “Better Not Tell You” was originally written from the perspective of the three witches of Macbeth adding an interesting story telling element to the song. Not only drawing influence from classical literature but the music draws from dance pop of the 60s and 70s which adds to their long repertoire of influences.

Overall, Lake Street Dive is an excellent melting pot of musical styles that elevates many of these styles by combining them into new unique music. Their newest album “Good Together” is no exception bringing a new list of songs for all different types of people to enjoy. Lake Street Dive is taking to the road to perform their new album and more across North America. They join us in Nashville on July 13th at Ascend Amphitheater so come hear their music live and enjoy for yourself!

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