Annie: New Broadway coming to TPAC

Annie has been around since the Little Orphan Annie comic strip started in 1924. It was adapted into a Broadway musical in 1977, which won 7 Tony Awards, and was adapted into three different films. Featuring the famous songs “Tomorrow,” “I Think I’m Gonna Like it Here,” and everyone’s favorite, “It’s The Hard-Knock Life,” the musical is on tour and coming to Nashville. I grew up watching the first film adaptation and I’m thrilled to see Annie in its original form: film musicals are great, but live music is always better.

Annie follows the adventures of Annie, an orphan girl in New York City during the Great Depression. Living in the cruel Miss Hannigan’s orphanage, she’s temporarily adopted as a PR stunt by Oliver Warbucks, a billionaire. They bond (to his surprise), and he decides he wants to adopt her. Miss Hannigan, however, decides to try to take advantage of the situation, and things don’t go as smoothly as expected.

This classic Broadway fare is a great family watch, and will be at TPAC’s Andrew Jackson Hall March 27-30. For tickets and more information: Annie | Broadway Shows in Nashville at TPAC. For more information about the Broadway tour: Annie Tour.

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