Beetlejuice at TPAC

Tim Burton’s classic film Beetlejuice came out in 1988, the movie score done by Danny Elfman. A nice childless couple dies in a tragic car accident, slowly realizing they’re dead and noticing  strange things in their house, which they discover to be an invasive species: the living. As they attempt to rid themselves of the obnoxious parents and the strange daughter (young Winona Ryder), they call upon the help of a chaotic and dangerous creature named Beetlejuice, with unexpected results.

The Broadway adaptation was created in 2018 and the national tour has been going since 2022. When I first learned that there is a musical adaptation of the film, I didn’t sigh at more blatant nostalgia-cashing by a franchise-flaunting studio, but thought that a musical adaptation might be an even better version of the story than the original. The film is already so crazy with set design and Elfman’s wild music: adding musical numbers and live-theater energy sounds promising. I’m looking forward to finding out!

The show will be at TPAC March 12-17 and is almost entirely sold out, with few tickets remaining. Beetlejuice | Broadway Shows in Nashville at TPAC

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