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Contemporary Dance Collective New Dialect Returns to OZ Arts Festival with Banning Bouldin’s “The Triangle”

February 22-24, renowned contemporary dance collective New Dialect will return to OZ Arts Festival in Nashville to perform the world premier of Banning Bouldin’s The Triangle . Bouldin is a Nashville-based dancer, choreographer, and art director of New Dialect. Her work The Triangleis a collection of dance etudes inspired by her struggle with multiple sclerosis, with which she was diagnosed in 2016. The work attempts to create new perceptions around perceived “weakness” in a society that values strength .

According to Bouldin, her goal is to create a work that “both challenges individual and social perceptions of weakness, and illustrates new ways of construing ‘disability’ as an opportunity to uncover new strengths that could not exist without imposed systems of limitation.”

The performance also features creative collaborations with Greg Pond and Tony Perrin to create innovative set and costume design.

In addition to The Triangle, the program will also feature the work Girls, a celebrated work by Israeli choreographer Roy Assaf. The performance by New Dialect will be the work’s US premier. This piece explores the ideas often associated with the female gender, from frailty to sexuality.

The performances will be as follows:

Friday, February 22: Doors 7:00 PM, Performance 8:00 PM
Saturday, February 23: Doors 6:00 PM, Performance 7:00 PM
Sunday, February 24: Doors 1:00 PM, Performance 2:00 PM

The run time for the show is about 80 minutes with no intermission. For tickets visit

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