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As Hello Gold Mountain Premier Approaches, Experience the Stories Behind the Work

Earlier this year Music City Review gave a preview of a concert to be given by chatterbird, a Nashville-based ensemble dedicated to exploring non-traditional instrumentation and stylistic diversity. The concert will feature the world premier of Hello Gold Mountain, an original composition by Chinese composer Wu Fei. The piece is “a requiem for the lost opportunity of the Jewish community of Shanghai,” exploring the emotions and moods associated with the Jewish refugees that fled to Shanghai during World War II.

To that end, those interested can now get a more in-depth understanding of the experience of these refugees who inspired this piece. Thanks to some generous donors, the ensemble now has access to a number of photographs taken by Melville Jacoby in that Shanghai community in the fall of 1939. The photos can be viewed here:

For those that want an even more comprehensive understanding, there are also a number of historical accounts and memoirs recorded during this time, available at the Nashville Public Library. The titles are as follows:

A photo from the Jacoby collection; a Jewish refugee child with a native Shanghai child

Shanghai Diary: A Young Girl’s Journey from Hitler’s Hate to War-Torn China
Shanghai Legacy: A Novel
Ten Green Bottles: the True Story of One Family’s Journey from War-Torn Austria to the Ghettos of Shanghai

The concert is one night only, Saturday February 23 at 7:00 PM, in Vanderbilt University’s Ingram Hall. For ticket information visit chatterbird’s website.

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